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BeefEater Signature Propane Tank Drawer and Single Door in Stainless Steel for Built-In BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Areas

Product Code: 24240

Room in the tank! A combined storage solution for outdoor kitchens.

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Product Description


This double solution for your outdoor kitchen provides you with a propane tank drawer and single door, all in one stainless steel unit.

The BeefEater propane tank drawer gives you a complete solution for storing your propane gas bottles. The propane gas bottle is set into the drawer and when you open the drawer it pulls forward the gas bottle for ease of lifting and replacing.

The single door is ideal for providing access to storage or additional propane gas bottles. Please note the single door is a fascia only, there is no cabinetry behind it unlike with the Propane Tank Drawer.




  • Width: 83.8cm Height: 55.9cm Depth: 41.9cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel