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Built-in BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Experts

Australian BBQ have a superb range of Outdoor Kitchen equipment, and with over 10 years experience in Outdoor Kitchen design, we are happy to provide any assistance you need to produce your dream Outdoor Kitchen.

Alfa Outdoor Kitchen

Whether your wish for a table top Pizza Oven, a fantastic Kamado grill or a glorious gas BBQ, our outdoor kitchen experts can include anything you require. Utilise the modular constructions of the new Artisan Outdoor Kitchen, or design a built-in space to compliment your garden using the doors, drawers and accessories from the BeefEater range! Whatever you choose, you’ll be sizzling sausages no time!

All of our designs and any advice we provide is free to our customers. We have a very experienced team and we’re happy to help!

Outdoor Kitchens can be as simple or elaborate as any indoor kitchen, and we can assist you with designing for roof gardens, terraces and calssic backyard barbecue areas.

Whatever your space we can advise and design to suit your needs.

Check out the gallery for Outdoor Kitchen inspiration!

Questions to consider when designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Barbecue & Ceramic Grill Choices

  • Consider what you like to cook – are you just going to be sizzling burgers & sausages or do you plan to be roasting joints – this can affect the size of bbq that will suit you. If your preference is for more of a slow roast, you may prefer a Primo Ceramic Grill as well as a BeefEater BBQ.
  • The size of BBQ or Grill you choose should also consider how many people you want to cook for, is it always you and your mates or will you be having regular shindigs requiring a larger size cooking surface.
  • If choosing a BBQ or Pizza Oven, decide whether you want to use bottled or mains gas – remember to purchase a simple to use conversion kit if required and ensure a gas safe engineer completes the conversion.
  • How far away is the indoor kitchen from your new outdoor area – you might want to include storage options, bins etc into your outdoor kitchen so that you aren’t traipsing back and forth!


  • Identify your ideal area and measure up accurately
  • Consider the sun direction, exposure to wind etc for when you’re standing at your BBQ or Grill.
  • Consider the location of utilities such as gas or water if you’re planning to use them.
  • Consider what, if any, lighting is required to enjoy an evening entertaining.
  • If putting your BBQ or Grill under cover, check if you will need additional ventilation.

Built-In Materials

  • We advise brick, stone or concrete blocks for your base with a granite (or similar) work surface.
  • BeefEater barbecues are not suitable for a timber construction as they would require an insulating liner which is not available for this brand. If you would like an alternative to BeefEater that can be placed in a timber structure with insulating liner, we recommend premium barbecue brand Fire Magic, further details of which can be found at www.fire-magic.co.uk.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

A barbie, grill or pizza oven aren't the only things you want in your kitchen, complete your design by choosing from:

All of our ranges, including the BeefEater Outdoor Kitchen products come with relevant cut out dimensions and installation advice to ensure you have the smoothest installation possible.
To get started simply call us on 01732 884030 or email us info@australian-bbq.co.uk